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Money-Saving Solutions

with Sharc Creative

All of our Sharc Ideas, products, and services are investments for your business. It excites us to help you grow your business, and create an image you are after, particularly with the Power of Audio.

What if we came up with a solution that helped you PAY FOR A GOOD PORTION (and in some cases ALL! of these ideas?) would we have your attention?

What if we asked you to simply take a close look at your credit card processing fees and discover that you might actually be able to save several hundred $$ per month? That could easily pay for our On Hold service. If the savings was higher, and it often is, you could use those savings for a Thematic Logo, or a Radio Campaign, or take advantage of our Mobile AdMessenger!

Our partnership with LB Processing offers you this money saving solution. We are leveraging off of a tremendous amount of volume which allows us this ability to offer you these money-saving programs.